BBC:為什麼中國年輕人不願意結婚(雙語) 雙語 BBC 中國

  Chinese social media users have been expressing doubts about the institution of marriage。


  This is because of better education, “but also because they have good incomes and have lost the economic incentive to marry”。


  Many users agree, and have set out why they no longer believe in marriage。 While some say they would still like to get married one day, many users think the institution is not as relevant as it once was。


  Many agree that there is a stigma attached to not getting wed, either from partners or parents。


  An ageing population and the now-scrapped one-child policy have led to a huge age and gender gap in Chinese society, meaning that many men are simply unable to find a partner。


  And the poorest often lose out, given that when a couple marries, it has been tradition for the husband to buy a home for his bride。 Seventy per cent of women see having an apartment “as a prerequisite for men to ask for marriage”, a 2012 study found。


  There are also changing attitudes among young women,高雄法國台北, especially those wanting to pursue higher education and rise through the ranks in business, rather than be seen as financially dependent on a partner。


  Many have also defied their parents‘ expectations, and have sought out a partner solely for love。


  Divorce rates in China are also higher than ever before。 China Daily says the divorce rate peaked at 6 per cent in July, with 3.84 million couples divorcing within a year。